Registration for our school usually takes place between August and October. During this time, a current registration form will be placed in this tab, which you will be able to fill in and electronically sign the required documents. If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form or you can also wait and settle the matter in person at school directly with the Board.

We always start the school year with a picnic in one of the parks near the school. This picnic usually takes place on Saturday during the first two Saturdays of September. The exact date is always indicated in the “News” section of our website and on Facebook. This is a good opportunity to get to know each other better, eat Polish grilled sausage, and at the same time get answers to any questions about school. If someone can not appear at the picnic, we invite you straight to school. Classes that take place on Saturdays begin at 9:00 am in the Kolbe Hall in the school building at the Holy Cross Catholic Church in Minneapolis.

In exceptional situations, we can accept a child to school during the school year, when the enrollment lists are already closed. Each such case is considered individually, and the final decision belongs to the teacher leading the group.

We hope this information is useful to you and please check our website for the latest registration form for 2023/2024