Adam Mickiewicz Polish Saturday School in Minneapolis is one of the few Polish educational institutions in Minnesota. It was established in 1991 at the Church of the Holy Cross and operates continuously to this day, creating a unique community of people who with passion and enthusiasm devote their time to working with children in Polish language.

The establishment of the school was a response to the desire to promote Polishness among children and young Poles manifested in the environment of contemporary emigration and Americans of Polish origin.

The difficult beginnings of the school’s existence did not discourage the creators and precursors of the idea of the Polish School and even motivated them to work hard. The school very quickly gained recognition and support in the Polish community of Twin Cities dynamically developing.

For more than 30 years of the school’s existence, hundreds of students have passed through the school walls. Almost 150 teachers continued their educational work, and the most committed ones can boast of 15 years of teaching experience in our School.

The pride of over 30 years of existence and activity of our institution are hundreds of our graduates, proud of their roots and knowledge about the country of their ancestors. Many of them returned later to help in educational work in our School as teachers. Others actively participated in the activities of Polish diaspora circles and organizations at universities where they undertook further education.

Our students who have been studying at the Polish School for several years appreciate the friendly environment of people with common goals, establish lasting friendships that they maintain for many years after the completion of our School and fondly remember the time spent on Saturday mornings, grateful that their parents created conditions for them to know who they are and where they come from.