Dear Parents!

We are pleased to announce that we are already starting enrollment at the Polish Saturday School in Minneapolis for the 2023/2024 school year. All interested parties who plan to continue or start their education at our school are encouraged to register as soon as possible via the link below. An efficient and quick enrollment process will give us time to plan the next school year in the best possible way. Families already associated with PSS are encouraged to share information about the ongoing registration with family and friends who may be interested in enrolling their children in the Polish School. Let us all make efforts to ensure that the Polish community in Minnesota is a strong group nurturing and passing on the language, culture and history of Polish to future generations. Information about registration along with a link to register for the school will also be placed on the school’s website and on Facebook.

Link to registration for the school year 2023/2024:

The 2023/2024 school year will traditionally begin with a picnic on September 2nd (Saturday), 2023 at 10:00 am in Columbia Park, which is located near the Polish Saturday School in Minneapolis. The exact address- 800 Columbia Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55418. It will be a great opportunity to meet after the vacation with friends from the Polish School, eat Polish grilled sausage and, if necessary, complete all formalities related to enrollment in the school. New families can count on getting acquainted with families already associated with the Polish School and on the fact that at this meeting members of the PSS Board will answer all additional questions related to the school. Traditionally, we ask all families going on a picnic to bring snacks (fruits, cake, salads). The Polish School will provide sausage for the grill and bread. We cordially invite you all! See you soon!

The registration form is also available on Facebook- (1) Drodzy Rodzice! Z… – Polska Szkola Sobotnia w Minneapolis | Facebook

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